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February 25, 1998

profs pile it on

Well, the profs decided to pile it on this week. I have to have The Virginian by Owen Wister read by English class tomorrow, along with a paper abou Frankenstein by Mary Shelley...

So, if you've been wondering about the lack of email lately, that's why.

The ethernet card for my eMate came yesterday, and I borrowed a 4-port ethernet hub from work so I could hook it and my G3 up at to the network at the same time. Yay! No more serial cable transfers!

Now it's time to read my Political Science for the day: "Elections, Parties, and Campaign Politics"

Fun fun fun...

Posted at 22:13

February 22, 1998

long time

Site news:

It has been a long time since I have updated this page. My excuse for this is that I have been struggling to learn Userland's Frontier scripting environment. Frontier, after climbing its vertical learning curve, will allow me to simplify the way this site works on my end.

When I'm done, it should look the same to you, but will be a lot easier to manage and update.

In the meantime, I will try to update it every couple of days, but I'm not promising anything.

Other news:

I got an Apple eMate 300 a few days ago. I've been having trouble finding an effective way to manage my notes for classes here at Miami, and I hope the eMate will help. It can integrate text and graphics (diagrams my professors draw on the board) seemlessly, which is what I want. I also think I can type faster (and neater!) than I can write, so studying shouldn't be as tough. I'll also be able to hit command+f to search for things! Yeah! Not more squinting through endless pages of notes trying to find the equation for the solar parameter!!!

That's all for now...

Posted at 16:01