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August 31, 1999

Luxembourg departure

Lux departure is finally here. I've had enough of the hype- let's get it on!

Here's my itinerary, in case you'd like to check flight status at US Airways or Iceland Air:

8/31- 12:42pm: USAir Flight 1902 (Columbus -> Pittsburgh)
8/31- 2:00pm: US Airways Flight 130 (Pittsburgh -> Baltimore)

We have 2 days of orientation and a weekend trip to Northern Luxembourg before classes start next Monday. I doubt I'll get around to email until next week, but I'm definitely going to try to do it before then.

Keep me posted on what's going in the US!

Posted at 07:40

August 28, 1999

departure for Luxembourg approaching

My departure date for Luxembourg is coming up fast. 8/31 to be exact. My email address will stay the same, as I'll be checking my email on my Powerbook. Here's my snail mail address in Luxembourg (also on the contact page):

Eric Case
c/o Miami University Dolibois European Center
Chateau de Differdange
Impasse du Chateau
L-4524 Differdange
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

phone: (352) (the Chateau)
fax: (352)

Pictures I take while I'm in Europe will go in /pics/lux. I'll probably arrange them by week (week_1, week_2, etc.). I'll also be updating this page
Recently uploaded pics:

/pics/chuck's_g3 (pictures from setting up Chuck's new Mac)
/pics/cats (pictures of our cats)
/pics/tyler (my buddy Tyler Hollback and his bike)

Posted at 20:17

August 16, 1999

release the hounds

Release the hounds! 4.0 is live! I hope ya'll like the design. My new/used Voodoo 2 card from John arrived today. Can't wait to fire up Unreal Tournament...

New content to check out:

Virtual Sculpture Gallery
Email forwards archive

Posted at 20:12

August 15, 1999 4.0

The long-awaited 4.0 revision is finally underway. Thanks to my summer project, I have much more experience with Adobe GoLive...

Posted at 20:10