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September 29, 1999

been a while

I guess it's been a while since I've updated the site. I've still been keeping the pictures current, just behind the scenes. Check /pics/lux every Monday or Tuesday for pictures from the previous weekend.

This past weekend I went to Brussels with a friend (Andy in the pics) and stayed with my Aunt Anne Boucher; she was there on business with 3M, where she works. She let us stay with her in her 5-star hotel and tag along on the Saturday trip to Versailles and Paris and the Sunday trip to Gent and Brugge (in Belgium). And to lobster dinner on Friday night. :-) Pics from Brussels weekend are here:

The weekend before Brussels weekend I went to Cologne, Germany with a few friends. Cologne has a HUGE cathedral; I think it's the 2nd largest one in the world (next to the one in The Vatican). Pics from that trip are here:

For explanations of the pictures, be sure to check the index.txt files in each picture directory. I leave Saturday morning for my Geography class's field study trip to Denmark. That lasts through Friday, then we're free for the weekend. I think we're going to Berlin after the Denmark trip to conduct research for our GEO 377 project comparing Bonn and Berlin.

This means, of course, that I won't be online, doing email, checking web sites, etc. for 9 days. Ouch. ; )

Posted at 19:35

September 16, 1999

time flying by

Now that we've started classes and have one weekend under our belts, time is beginning to fly by. Last weekend I went to Normandy with 6 other students and we had a blast. Unfortunately it's taken me this long to get the pictures online and the web site updated. I'm starting to include little text files in each image directory to explain what the pictures are. So if you see a file called index.txt in with a bunch of pictures, check it out to learn about them!

We're leaving for Cologne, Germany sometime tomorrow. I'm going Jordan, Sam and Mark. Camera batteries are fully charged... :-)

New pics online:

9/8/99: pics from a local Diekirch pub we hang out at
9/10/99: from our MUDEC trip to Trier, Germany and from the train station before we left for Normandy
9/11/99: from Normandy, including the cathedral at Bayeaux (where we stayed), the American Military Cemetery at Normandy, Omaha Beach and Point du Hoc, where the Army Rangers scaled the cliffs in their part of the battle.
9/12/99: from the WWII museum at Normandy and William the Conqueror's tapestry at the tapestry museum in Bayeux

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September 8, 1999

host family away

When the host family is away, the students will play... :-)

No, not Mim- Ray and Mike's family across the street from Mim's house...

Pics: 9/7/99

Posted at 09:45

September 7, 1999

finally time to update

I've finally found time to update the site!

We've been very busy since we arrived. Our traveling over here was not fun at all. The flight from Baltimore seemed like it would never end, as did the flight from Iceland to Paris. Then we had to wait hours for our luggage to come out, but at least I was fortunate enough to have my luggage. Some students still haven't gotten theirs... Then we bussed to Luxembourg from Paris, which took 4-5 hours. We had already been awake for some 30 hours before that.

As soon as we arrived at the Chateau, we met our host families. Mine is an older woman named Renee Reichling, but we call her "Mim." I'm living with Jordan (my roommate last year) and another guy named Ryan Clark. Luckily, we're about a 2 minute walk from the Chateau, so we don't have to wake up early. I'll have pictures online soon of Mim and her horse-dog, Inca.

I was on the first bus from Paris, so I arrived an hour before the 2nd bus, which was delayed because there was too much luggage to fit in it. While we were waiting for the other bus, I had local beer at 2 nearby pubs. Once Jordan and Ryan got here, we went to our house and chatted with Mim and some friends of hers. The wine supply never slowed and we had spaghetti dinner at 11:30pm, 9/1. This is after 36 hours of traveling. I was completely exhausted when we finally went to bed around 2:30am, after ~5 bottles of wine.

We had orientation for the next 2 days, then a weekend trip to Northern Luxembourg over the weekend. We left Differdange Saturday morning at 9am for the American and German World War II military cemeteries, then we visited several castles and the World War II Museum at Diekirch. We stayed the night at a youth hostel in Echternach, a town on the border with Germany.

On Sunday we visited another castle then hiked in "La Petite Suisse." We got back to Differdange a little after noon and I napped for a while. Then we went out to eat at "Alla Bella Vista," a fancy pizza place here in Differdange. We were about finished eating when Mim showed up with some of her friends, and we ended up drinking wine and beer with them until 12:30am.

Classes started the next morning at 8:45am. Here's my schedule:

8:45am-9:45am (Geography 337.L)
9:50am-11:50am (French 101.L)
6:30pm-7:30pm (History 472.L- Rise and Fall of Hitler)

8:45am-10:45am (Political Science 270.L)
5pm-6pm (Geography 337.L)
6:30pm-whenever (Tuesday evening Lecture Series)

10:50am-11:50am (French 101.L)
4:20pm-6:20pm (History 472.L)

8:45am-10:45am (French 101.A)
2:20pm-3:20pm (Geography 337.L)

10:25am-11:25am (Geography 337.L)
11:25am-12:25pm (Geography 377.L)

It isn't too hard a schedule, but they're keeping us quite busy.

On the computing front, it's almost as good as being in a dorm at school. There are several computers with broken monitors, so I can "borrow" their ethernet cables and IP addresses. I even got 15 k/s downloading the new Apple Powermac G4 ad! I expected modem speeds!

My Powerbook is working fine, charging up when it's supposed to, etc. The only problem I've had so far was installing Microsoft Encarta 99 for Windows, which came with our GEO textbook. I'm trying to get it working under Virtual PC. MS software not working? Figures.

AOL Instant Messenger is working well too, so if I'm online, it'll usually be in the morning EST. My screen name is "eekman" (surprise).

And now for what you've really been waiting for.... Pictures! My digital camera has been a big hit among the other students. They love the little LCD screen more than anything! And they haven't even seen the pics on a computer screen yet! I'm putting all lux pictures in and arranging them by date.

German WWII Military Cemetery
Castle @ Bourscheid
WWII Museum @ DiekirchCastle @ Vianden

Youth Hostel @ Echternach
Castle @ Beaufort
La Petite Suisse

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