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November 18, 1999

dad/shelly/jane/mary ellen there

Dad, Aunt Shelly, Jane and Mary Ellen are here! They arrived in Luxembourg around 1:40 this afternoon and met me here at Mim's house at 6:30 this evening. I took some pictures before we went out to eat. They are going to Trier tomorrow, which is across the border in Germany. Friday we're leaving for Prague once I get out of class. I can't wait!

And a note from Laura Roberts to "S.R." who met Laura and the other MUDECers on the late train from Prague this past weekend:

Thank you so much for your help with the German. I think I gave you the wrong email address. If you see this, drop me a note at Thanks!

Dad brought me a new toy I ordered from a little while ago- a Rio500 from Diamond Multimedia. It's basically a Walkman for mp3s. I can copy songs from my laptop to it and take it on trips and have music! Yippee!


Posted at 01:28

November 16, 1999

4 weeks left

4 weeks left. Ouch.

I've been to a lot of places since I last updated this page: Amsterdam, Ireland, Vienna, Berlin, Denmark, Sweden...

Trips yet to come: Prague, Paris, Tunisia (in Africa- to see the ruins of Carthage!). Then final exams. :(

I also revamped the naming system I use for all my digital pictures. Instead of just dates, I put the name of the place after the date. Makes it easier to find out what the pictures are. Unfortunately, that broke most of the links on this page. I'll fix them eventually.

To see the pictures, go to and pick the date/city you wish to see. Some day I'll make an index page with links to all the pictures from my trips, but not anytime soon...

Posted at 12:53