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December 16, 1999

semester over

The semester is officially over. Today I took my last final exam- FRE 101. I'm glad to be done with the schoolwork, but parting with all the people and the traveling will be tough (it's already starting). We're celebrating tonight at Pilo's bar, which is closing in January. I'm bringing my camera... : )

I made a new index of all my pictures from the semester. Eventually I'll get around to making my MUDEC web site where I'll have explanations of all the pictures. Not until after y2k though.

Mom, Jack and Natalie got here today. We leave for Rome on Sunday, then head to Athens on the 23rd. We return to the US on the 28th.

To all the MUDECers reading this, I had a wonderful semester with y'all and I hope to hear from you in the future. Maybe we can do a MUDEC reunion with a few kegs of Bofferding? :-)

Posted at 17:55