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January 26, 2000

leaving for London

Plans are beginning to finalize... Frank and I leave Lux City Friday morning at 7:10am for London. Thanks to the time change, we arrive at 7:20am, so we have all day Friday and Saturday to see stuff. The Rage concert is Friday night.

3-day weekend is next weekend, and we're definitely going to head down to Florence.

Carnival break is essentially finalized, too: we fly from Brussels to Istanbul on Saturday, February 26th. We're in Istanbul until March 1st, when we'll be flying to Athens and then on to the island of Crete. We leave Crete on March 5th and get to Brussels around 4pm, leaving us plenty of time to get back to train back to Lux. That is gonna be one helluva trip... :-)

Ambassador de Muyser was our Tuesday night speaker last night, and we talked to him about St. Petersburg at the end of Easter Break. Let's Go Europe 2000 says we'll definitely need visas to get into Russia, and that we'll probably need a "connection" to get them. de Muyser said he could hook us up... In exchange for a little computer consulting on my part. Deal!

Let's Go 2000 also says Vilnius is a jewel just starting to be discovered by tourists. That means we need to see it.

Gotta get some sleep then finalize London plans. This semester is flying by... Slow down!!!

Posted at 23:35

January 25, 2000


I just got back from Pilo's. Yes, it's still open. When I asked him about it he said he renewed his lease or something. I couldn't really understand, but hey, he's still there, and that's what matters. 4 more months of Bofferding and billiards before class...

Posted at 23:07

2 trips down, 12 to go

2 trips down, 12 to go. We went to Dijon and Beaune (France) this past weekend and tasted wine. My traveling companions were Katie Bombardi, Laura Timmons and Sarah Stitzlein. Pictures are here. Saturday night we saw a classical music concert at Dijon's brand new Auditorium. Perhaps I'll start including little journal-like text files explaining the pictures this semester...

Friday morning Frank and I are flying Luxair to London- can't beat a $99 round trip flight to London! Rage Against the Machine is playing at Wembley Arena Friday night, which should definitely rock. Any suggestions on what we should see while we're there? We're doing a travel report on London too, which means I'll be done with travel reports forever! Woo-hoo! We have our GEO map quiz today, too... Hee hee. The new crowd of GEO students is really stressing about it.

Our 3-day weekend is next week and I think Goehl and I are going to hit Florence (Italy) and possibly Avignon (France), if there's time. Carnival break is coming up too (Feb. 25th). Andy and I are hoping to see Istanbul (Turkey) and Crete (big island south of Greece), but it all depends on finding cheap one-way flights from place to place...

Last semester's MUDEC crowd won't be too happy to hear this, but we just got a foosball (sp?) table in the Cave, and a new stereo. That's all we need- even more ways to distract ourselves from classes... As if Europe weren't enough distraction already!

Dr. Haag's two HST classes are intense. He knows just as much about Russia and communism as he does about Germany and nazism. And the Italian Renaissance... Both classes are way much more fun than Hitler though, because there's only ~20 students in each class.

For GEO 410 (a capstone) Frank and I are doing a project similar to our 377 papers from last semester. This time we're doing Prague, Budapest and Warsaw. We'll be seeing Warsaw over Easter break (the week after our field study tour to Vienna and Prague), and hopefully some more eastern-European cities (Vilnius? Helskinki? St. Petersburg?).

That's all for now... Email me!

Posted at 14:14

January 11, 2000

back in Luxembourg

I'm still slightly in disbelief, but I'm back in Luxembourg for another semester of MUDEC!!! I got here on Sunday the 9th and classes started yesterday. I'm taking similar courses this time 'round: GEO 338, GEO 410 (a capstone instead of 377), FRE 102, HST 375 (rise & fall of communism) and HST 438 (renaissance).

Frank and I have bold travel plans for this new semester. Since we have a break immediately following our field study tour, and we'll already be in Vienna, we're gonna try for a northbound tour of Eastern Europe. Hopefully Bratislava (Slovakia), Warsaw (Poland), Vilnius (Lithuania) and ending in Helsinki (Finland). We still need to check on train and plane schedules, so we don't know if it's doable yet. should be automatically forwarding to my lux pics directory on bleuclid. John was kind enough to give me a TON of space on his Qube, so that's where I'm keeping all my pictures from my travels.

To any fall semester MUDEC'ers reading this, send me an email! I want to hear what you're all up to!

Posted at 12:38