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February 25, 2000

Carnival Break

Carnival break is upon us! Hell week is over! Yippee!

I had two of Dr. Haag's history tests this week and a French test on Wednesday. Now the celebrations can begin. We're leaving on the 4:27pm train for Brussels. Kristin arrives on the Eurostar from London at 9:06pm, then we're going out to eat at a restaurant in La Grand Place.

Tomorrow, we depart Brussels on Sabena flight 321 to Istanbul at 10:15am. Where is Istanbul?

lux to turkey
(click for larger version)

Once we get to Istanbul we're taking a bus to Cannakale to see Troy. Then it's down to Ephesus and over to Aphrodisias to see Greek ruins. After that, we're stopping at the thermal salt springs in Pammukale, then going back to Istanbul to see its offerings (Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, etc.). That way there won't be any danger of us missing our flight back to Brussels on Sunday, March 5th (Sabena flight 322 leaving at 3:30pm).

(click for larger version)

Speaking of danger, here are some of the things we might encounter next week:

-airplane hijackings
-Kurdish terrorists
-a war with Greece
-prison riots

The ingredients for a wonderful week! I have to go pack now, so I'll see you all online on Tuesday, March 7th!

Oh yeah... Almost forgot to mention the latest pictures on /pics/lux- last weekend's trip to Tours, France to see some Chateaux and wine tasting last night here in Differdange. Check 'em out here:

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