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September 28, 2000

The web form on my

The web form on my contact page is now present and functional. All that's left to add is content to the about and tech pages and my redesign will be complete. Unless, of course, I decide to get funky with my IDS templates...

Tonight our REL 326 class got together for dinner and studying at Bethany's house; pictures are here.

Once again, it's bed time...

Posted at 23:27

I just finished redoing the

I just finished redoing the site using server side includes, which makes updating it much easier on me. And I still need to add some content on some of the other pages.

Dad is coming up on Friday, hopefully in time for happy hour at Mac & Joe's. After that we'll grab dinner somewhere and then head to Steinkeller, Oxford's newest bar (12 imported beers on tap and 12 domestics, served in 1-liter steins- a big thing for Oxford!). Saturday I think we'll be geeking it with Moose.

And now, it's bed time...

Posted at 00:45

September 25, 2000

Phew! The redesign's skeleton is

Phew! The redesign's skeleton is now fully online. I still need to enter all the content on the about, contact and tech pages though. I'm also contemplating a redesign of my IDS picture site.

Posted at 23:18

My test post appears to

My test post appears to be working. Now it's time to finish the rest of the site...

Posted at 19:10

This is my first test

This is my first test post from Blogger.

Posted at 11:30