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October 29, 2000

I celebrated Halloween at the

I celebrated Halloween at the bars last night as a nascar fan. I'm proud to say that everything I'm wearing is of my wardrobe except for the Ford racing hat (courtesy of Todd) and the wig (courtesy of Nate).

picture of me in my halloween garb
[More Halloween pictures are online here]

The wig matched my goatee so well that random people actually came up to me at the bars and asked if it was real! It also took a bit of explaining to get it across that I wasn't Garth from Wayne's World or a "red neck." I'm a Winston Cup Nascar fan, dagnabbit!

Posted at 20:00

I finally had my first

I finally had my first Mac OS X kernel panic!

screenshot of my kernel panic
[Click for larger version]

Posted at 19:37

October 19, 2000

My OS X demo was

My OS X demo was "postponed" by those above until next month in favor of this:

Breakout Session: Mitch Brenneman, Dell (9:30-11:00 am) Dell New Products and Roadmap Strategy for Dell Notebooks, Desktops, Servers, and Storage

Oooh. How exciting. "We have purple trim on our product line! We're hip!"

Posted at 09:39

October 17, 2000

I'm in the midst of

I'm in the midst of a busy week- an ART 381 exam this morning, its take-home essay due Thursday, a Mac OS X demo for the TSRs Thursday morning, advance class registration for next semester Thursday night and Dad and Grandpa coming up on Friday!

But at least it's a 4-day week- this weekend is our fall break, starting Friday. I'm sticking around Oxford though. Some folks are actually leaving tomorrow for break! Puh-lease! Break starts on Friday for a reason...

I've got to go finish some lame MIS 381 homework. And figure out what of OS X I'm going to demo to the TSRs...

Posted at 22:26

October 9, 2000

Why has it been so

Why has it been so long since I last posted? My new PowerMac G4 Dual Processor 450 arrived a week ago and I've been quite distracted... OS X _loves_ two processors and lots of ram! :-)

Posted at 20:38

October 3, 2000

Last night at about 1:30am

Last night at about 1:30am my ART 381 group finished our first class project- "design a 6th-4th century BCE Greek temple." Phew! It's been nagging at us for a few weeks and it feels great to have it done. And to think those Greeks built their temples without blueprints...

I added a "picture search" to the left side of my site- the " search" is for content on the site, while the picture search is, well, for pictures only (they're on a different server). Mad props to Moose for IDS!

Posted at 10:05