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February 17, 2001

I just saw Steve Earle

I just saw Steve Earle & The Dukes play at Bogart's in Cincinnati. Steve's sister Stacey opened for him. This was the first time Steve has ever sold out a show in Cincinnati. Time for bed...

Posted at 02:19

February 12, 2001

I just finished making my

I just finished making my Groovaholics page; check it out here. I also uploaded all the pictures from this past weekend; links to them are in the top right corner of this page, in the "latest picture stuff" section. Browse and comment away!

What are you all doing for 3-day this weekend? Lemme know...

Posted at 22:44

Canon just announced the s300

Canon just announced the s300 Digital Elph. I forsee it replacing my s100 when it's released in June... :)

Posted at 18:05

February 9, 2001

[image blatantly stolen from]The

[image blatantly stolen from]

The Groovaholics are playing at Balcony tonight. Be there.

Pictures from previous shows are here. If all goes well tonight, there'll be a ton of new pictures, and we're also gonna try to put mp3s of the show online.

Posted at 13:29

February 6, 2001

Wait a sec- I almost

Wait a sec- I almost forgot! Today John released IDS 0.52, the software that runs my picture site. This new version lets you order photo-quality prints of the digital pictures from within my site. I haven't tried it yet, but the integration with Shutterfly is phenomenal. If you order some, let me know how it goes!

Posted at 01:44

Welcome to the new!

Welcome to the new! I redesigned it to have a more minimal appearance, and to more closely match the look and feel of my IDS-based picture site. One new feature is the thumbnail in the top right corner- I'll pick these manually for now; eventually I'll get around to automating and randomizing the process.

Another new addition is the "most recent pictures" box, below the thumbnail. This should make it easier for people to find the latest pictures I've uploaded. Included in this box is a "picture search" field, where you can search my picture site for names, places, etc.

Soon I'll have the "612 South Main" page online- it'll be about our house here at school (who lives here, parties, news, etc.). I also need to get the archives working correctly. Time for bed though- I have Social Dance at 9am tomorrow...

Posted at 01:29