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Bhavatu sabba mangalam.
"May all beings be happy."
Vipassana meditation.
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May 22, 2001

In about an hour, Grisha,

In about an hour, Grisha, Chuck and I are road tripping to Massachusetts for ten days of meditation. For anyone interested, here's the code of discipline we'll be following for the duration of the course: I'll be offline until June 5th, which is when I should be getting back to Oxford.

Posted at 09:16

May 10, 2001

Graduation is over and I'm

Graduation is over and I'm finally moved into my new place for the summer. My new phone number is on the contact page. I've uploaded the latest pictures from the previous week; links are in the upper-right corner of this page. I'm also hoping to have a discussion board online by the end of next week. Online computing from this apartment will be much easier next Monday, when Time Warner installs our Road Runner service. :-)

Posted at 00:31