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"May all beings be happy."
Vipassana meditation.
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June 30, 2001

Robert Cringely: "But mainly it

Robert Cringely: "But mainly it gets me two things I really value -- reduced latency and a useable Internet time signal. I'll never have to set my computer clock again."

Posted at 15:48

June 26, 2001

Quote of the day: "zeldman

Quote of the day: "zeldman was right. broadband needs to come with a Barry White song. So Fast...."

Posted at 08:25

June 24, 2001

Andy Ihnatko on the MacHack

Andy Ihnatko on the MacHack 2001 keynote: "When these people wake up in the morning, they have an excuse to roll over and slap the snooze bar -- they've already sort of justified their existence. At least once in their lives, they helped to birth something truly great, something that knocked the world on its ear and left it in a better shape."

Posted at 20:29

June 21, 2001

Brent: "Joe User, sitting in

Brent: "Joe User, sitting in front of his computer as he reads his favorite magazine, scanning ads and smiling like a moron as his Web browser takes him from one soul-killing Web site to another." Brent's talking about foolish Digital Convergence and their foolish CueCat. Heh.

Posted at 18:46

June 18, 2001

O'ReillyNet: "Analysts shouldn't view the

O'ReillyNet: "Analysts shouldn't view the [Apple retail] stores solely as a profit/loss balance sheet, but instead see it as a marketing program to change public perception. [via Cam]

Posted at 08:29

June 13, 2001

TidBITS #582 mentions the news

TidBITS #582 mentions the news from 5/30/2001 that PC Connection acquired Interestingly, they also link to an interview TidBITS did with Darryl Peck (Outpost's founder & CEO) waaaaaaaaay back in 1996, when he had just started Cyberian Outpost. The interview is a fascinating read- click here to read it.

Posted at 20:23

This is why I love

This is why I love The Onion:

Posted at 16:22

June 12, 2001

This morning at work, Guy

This morning at work, Guy (my boss), Todd and I decided to have an Airport signal strength shootout between our laptops. Guy has one of the new Titanium Powerbooks while Todd has an older Bronze Keyboard Powerbook, doing wireless via an Orinoco PC Card. I'm using one of Apple's new dual-USB iBooks:

us at the starting line

We already knew Guy would be the first out- TiBook Airport issues have been widely reported (Airport antennas behind a Titanium case = lesser signal strength). Todd used to hold the record (thanks to his external antenna), being able to walk all the way down the hall and around the corner in Upham's basement. My iBook won though; Todd's signal fluctuated as he neared the corner and networking was erratic while the iBook held steady at 2 bars of strength. Woo-hoo!

Posted at 10:52

June 7, 2001

While driving through Connecticut this

While driving through Connecticut this past Sunday we came upon an utterly hilarious spectacle- a parade of low rider cars, all in their shiny, tinted, bass-thumping glory, members of the "Connecticut Low Riders Car Club." Naturally, Chuck dove for the camera to record the momentous event. Here's a pic to whet your appetite:

low rider

More pictures are here. I wonder where they were all going? A Google search revealed nothing...

Posted at 10:17

June 6, 2001

Doc Searls: "I think Weblogs

Doc Searls: "I think Weblogs are what we expected Web pages to be in the first place."

Posted at 19:35

Today Dave is pointing to

Today Dave is pointing to a great article by Jamie Zawinsky: "That kind of control of the entire communication infrastructure, from content creation, through marketing, to end-user delivery, is just a disaster as far as true Democracy goes."

Posted at 18:44

Vipassana meditation: wow. The past

Vipassana meditation: wow. The past two weeks were simply incredible. By far the most difficult thing I've ever done, but at the same time the most amazing. Email me if you'd like to hear more about it. I definitely feel like a changed person.

Living as a monk for 10 days was also an experience- complete silence of body, mind and speech, no contact with the outside world (which was wonderful), no music, no media. I can't wait to do it again!

Posted at 18:19