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Bhavatu sabba mangalam.
"May all beings be happy."
Vipassana meditation.
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August 20, 2001

Serving a 10-day Vipassana course

Serving a 10-day Vipassana course is as intense as taking one. And this is only Day 4...

Posted at 23:19

August 16, 2001

I just finished uploading a

I just finished uploading a little movie of Grisha telling a joke in Spanish (it's in pictures -> 2001 -> August -> 12th), but there are still a ton of pictures to go. Our meditation class starts today, so I'll likely be offline for the next 10 days... Hasta luego!

Posted at 12:44

August 14, 2001

D'oh! My picture upload died

D'oh! My picture upload died with 2 megs left. Arrggh... I guess I'll have to try again later. :-(

Posted at 17:37

I'm in Cuernavaca with Grisha

I'm in Cuernavaca with Grisha and everything is going well. We're staying with his host family and eating some amazing food- beans and tortillas are part of every meal.

Grisha isn't letting me speak English, which is wonderful- my Spanish is making serious progress. I'm starting to think and dream in it, as well.

On Saturday we stopped by a bookstore in Cuernavaca's main plaza and I picked up the Spanish versions of Harry Potter 1 and 2- could there be a better way to work on vocab? :-) Then we hung around the plaza and chatted with the locals- Mexicans are definitely near the top of my "nicest people" list, along with the Irish and Turks. The phrase "mi casa es su casa" is essentially true down here.

Sunday we visited Tlayacapan, an old, tiny village outside of Cuernavaca. I'm uploading pictures right now- 3 k/s is very, very painful... Tonight I'm gonna try to find faster access to upload more pictures.

Our meditation class starts on the 16th. We heard yesterday that there are ~70 people taking it- that's a bit more than we expected, this being a non-center Vipassana location. There'll be a lotta cookin' goin' on!

Posted at 17:28

August 10, 2001

2am. Wow. I'm leaving in

2am. Wow. I'm leaving in two hours for Cuernavaca, Mexico. I'll be there for about five weeks and, as usual, hope to be updating this site and posting pictures. Stay tuned...

Posted at 02:06

August 6, 2001

Doc Searls: "So now I'm

Doc Searls: "So now I'm 54 for real. Shit. Well, my grandmother lived to be 107. If I tie her record, I've got another 53 years to go. Rationalization is a powerful thing."

Posted at 14:06

Semi-fresh Cringely: The Death of

Semi-fresh Cringely: The Death of TCP/IP (why the age of Internet innocence is over).

Posted at 13:39

August 1, 2001

Now we're cooking with gas!I'm

Now we're cooking with gas!

I'm online via the CalPoly Library's ethernet network, in San Luis Obispo, CA. I got over 400 k/s when uploading the latest round of pictures. Tee-hee!

We have two days left of this vacation; later today we're driving down to LA, and flying home on Friday. Yesterday we visited the Hearst Castle at San Simeon, and the day before we stopped in Monterey to see the incredible Aquarium.

Posted at 15:20