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September 20, 2001

Visiting Oxford this weekend...

Visiting Oxford this weekend...

Posted at 23:11

Chuck just had a letter

Chuck just had a letter published in the Duke school newspaper: "Additional violence will not solve terrorist problem."

Posted at 21:50

Daily Mail & Guardian, South

Daily Mail & Guardian, South Africa: "Informed by a crude Manichean view of the world as a battleground between the forces of light and darkness, America's fatal tendency in such situations is to blame 'rogue states' and diabolical individuals."

"The most sophisticated intelligence technology, and the largest and smartest military arsenals are powerless against conspirators with an ideological grudge."

"There can be no peace until the Israelis accept a Palestinian state, which in turn hinges on the removal of Israeli settlements from the occupied territories and concessions on the status of Jerusalem." [via Cam.]

Posted at 18:35

Geov Parrish: " 'War criminal'

Geov Parrish: " 'War criminal' means just that -- inflicting a level of carnage barbaric and unacceptable even in time of war. It does not even begin to touch the many regimes -- today, Israel comes to mind -- that the U.S. has supported, armed, advised, and even installed, who have inflicted horrors on their own populations." [also via Michael.]

Posted at 11:16

Robert Scheer, 5/22/2001: "Enslave your

Robert Scheer, 5/22/2001: "Enslave your girls and women, harbor anti-U.S.  terrorists, destroy every vestige of civilization in your homeland, and the Bush administration will embrace you.  All that matters is that you line up as an ally in the drug war, the only international cause that this nation still takes seriously. That's the message sent with the recent gift of $43 million to the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan, the most virulent anti-American violators of human rights in the world today." [via Michael Moore.]

Posted at 11:09

Michael Moore: "America is a

Michael Moore: "America is a complex and open society with a massive and intricate infrastructure that is fragile and vulnerable and susceptible to easy attack and disruption. IT CAN BE BROUGHT DOWN WITH A BOXCUTTER."

"Bush now says this is 'a war against the evil people in the world.' Oh, really? THAT war! Yeah, we should be able to defeat 'evil,' oh, sometime in the next millennium or two. Get a grip. 'War' is not going to get the justice we demand or make us more safe. You know it and I know it. There is a different way to go, and I will lay it out in a later letter, but to simplify it for now and put it in a nutshell, it goes like this:"

"One billion people on this planet have no clean drinking water. Two billion have no electricity. Three billion have never made a phone call from their home. We have the money and the people-power to alter ALL of this."

"When all the people in the Middle East have food on the table, a decent home, a good job, and democratic control over their own lives, who among them is going to be convinced to sacrifice his life by crashing himself into a tall office building?" [also via Doc.]

Posted at 10:59

Doc Searls: "We are at

Doc Searls: "We are at war with an 'ism, not a country, a bloc, or even much of an idealogy. Worse, the terrorism we now so righteously oppose has been a common practice of various U.S. client states for some time - a practice we conveniently overlooked or worse, rationalized. And all this lays exposed for one reason above all the rest: individual human beings are talking about it on the Net."

Posted at 10:42

Irish Times: "Instead of nearly

Irish Times: "Instead of nearly 5,000 lives lost, as in the US, there were 800,000 people (Tutsis) savagely hacked to death in just 100 days. No national day of mourning then in Ireland or, come to think of it, anywhere else except Rwanda. There was no worldwide coalition assembled to wreak retribution on the perpetrators of the genocide. Far from it." [via Doc.]

Posted at 10:35

Cringely: "To a man with

Cringely: "To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail," wrote Mark Twain... "Why, I find myself thinking, can't we build a system that takes over control of the autopilot, locks out flight crew and hijackers alike, and lands the plane at the first sign of trouble. Well, we could, but it opens a whole new area of vulnerability -- hijacking autopilots. Forget I said anything."

Posted at 10:14

September 19, 2001

Salon: "Crowd protests at Illinois

Salon: "Crowd protests at Illinois mosque." Wow, these folks sure make me proud to be an American... < /sarcasm> [via IMC.]

Posted at 22:05

rm -rf /bin/laden shirts! I

rm -rf /bin/laden shirts! I love it! [via Cam.]

Posted at 21:48

"Greetings, America. My Name is

"Greetings, America. My Name is Osama bin Laden: a conversation with the most dangerous man in the world." February, 1999. [via Dave.]

Posted at 18:30

September 18, 2001



Posted at 18:29

September 17, 2001

Since I first learned of

Since I first learned of the US terrorism attacks, Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" has been rightfully stuck in my head:

Father, father, we don't need to escalate
War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate
You know we've got to find a way
To bring some lovin' here today

Lyrics for the rest of the song are here.

Grisha took off at 7:50pm this evening; I'm flying home Monday morning at 10:30am: Mexico City -> Dallas, then Dallas -> Columbus. It should be interesting...

Posted at 00:24

September 15, 2001

Viva Mexico, Cabrones!

Viva Mexico, Cabrones!

Posted at 22:12

September 14, 2001

Grisha and I are back

Grisha and I are back in the modern world after a brief trip to rural Michoacan. We were in La Manga de Cuimbo, a town of 400 residents and a single telephone line, a half hour by car from the nearest paved road, when the USA terrorism attacks began. It was quite surreal, hearing our host-Mom say "Gregorio, Eric! Escuchen! Bombas en Nueva York!" then tuning into the Mexican coverage of the events. We watched it all unfold on a tiny, static-filled TV via a "rabbit-ears" signal in Spanish. After watching for a little while, our host family went back to their daily tasks... I stayed glued to the TV for several hours.

Grisha is supposed to fly home tomorrow, and me on Monday. At this point, quien sabe? Alas, more time in Mexico. And tonight marks the start of the Mexican Independence Day festivities. :)

Posted at 20:32

September 7, 2001

I've noticed a few Mexican

I've noticed a few Mexican cultural oddities since arriving in Mexico City I thought worth mentioning. In no particular order:

More later, as I become aware of them. I'm heading to Morelia in an hour to meet up with Grisha. It's about a 4-hour bus ride. The tough part will be navigating the D.F. metro with my backpack...

Posted at 08:45

September 5, 2001

My quest for bandwidth continues

My quest for bandwidth continues amidst a relentless pace of travel. After the Vipassana course ended I took a week of Spanish at Experiencia (more on that later), then headed to Mexico City. I spent yesterday checking out all the sights in the Centro Historico- this is one helluva city; 20 million people, 4.7 use the metro each day. I'd provide links, but I can't figure out this bloody keyboard... In a few minutes I'm headed to Teotihuacan, home of the world's 3rd largest pyramid (that is also climb-able). That is, unless I hear from Gringorio (Grisha) RSN, who is wrapping up an 8-day Vipassana course today and either meeting me in Mexico City today or in Morelia tomorrow.

Posted at 11:52