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October 30, 2001

neutral buoyancy

It's all about neutral buoyancy. Breath in... gradually float. Breath out... gradually sink. Not quite as quick as pushing the magic button on a BC, but it conserves air.

Posted at 23:06

started rowing today

Dad and I headed out on the river early this morning; I'm learning to row. I have LOTS to learn.

Posted at 14:28

October 29, 2001

The Deep End favorites

I'm totally digging the new Mule album, "The Deep End." Favorite tracks so far: "Banks of the Deep End" (sample), "Effigy" (sample), "Sco Mule" (sample), "Worried Down with the Blues" (sample) and "Beautifully Broken" (sample). All the tracks are new to me except Soulshine. When we saw them in Columbus on the 5th they only played older stuff, which was totally rad but completely unexpected, this being a tour promoting the new album and all.

Posted at 21:30

Miami homecoming

Miami homecoming has come and gone; it was definitely a fun and interesting weekend. Fun because it was a huge reunion and everybody was happy being together again. Interesting because many of us have changed since graduation and this was a reversion to how things used to be. Oxford, OH, however, somehow manages to defy the law of impermanence and not change...

Pictures are online. :)

Posted at 19:32

October 25, 2001

First visible post

The switch has been flipped. Welcome to the redesign! I'm still working on proper support for older browsers (4.x and older), so bear with me. Lemme know whatcha think...

Posted at 22:53

First post

Testing... First official post from my brand spankin' new Movable Type weblog. Next step: import all my posts from the past four years of blogging. And figure out how the comment form manages to function while giving a "server error" at the same time... Fun!

Posted at 19:46

October 19, 2001

Brad: "As I neared the

Brad: "As I neared the front of the line, I overhead the uniformed guards asking each passenger with a bag if they were carrying cell phones, laptop computers or other personal electronics. I thought about the contents of my briefcase: iBook, PCS phone, battery charger, digital camera, assorted cables, power adapters and dongles." Hmm... Sounds familiar! [via Ev.]

Posted at 21:54

Wow: "Everyone knows it is

Wow: "Everyone knows it is a bad idea to try and board a plane carrying a box cutter, a flight manual written in Arabic, or a sack full of mysterious white powder. But with ultra-tightened airport security, a book could also prevent you from boarding that plane." [via Ev.]

Posted at 21:50

Excerpt from "Get your war

Excerpt from "Get your war on:"

"Oh my God, this War On Terrorism is gonna rule! I can't wait until the war is over and there's no more terrorism!"

"I know! Remember when the US had a drug problem, and then we declared War On Drugs, and now you can't buy drugs anymore? It'll be just like that!"

[via Chris Locke.]

Posted at 18:38

October 18, 2001

The profundity of The Fountainhead

The profundity of The Fountainhead continues. The public's reaction to Roark destroying the Cortlandt project sounds startlingly familiar (Chapter "Howard Roark," part 13):

"This was solidarity. The debutante having her toenails pedicured- the housewife buying carrots from a pushcart- the bookkeeper who had wanted to be a pianist, but had the excuse of a sister to support- the businessman who hated his business- the worker who hated his work- the intellectual who hated everybody- all were united as brothers in the luxury of common anger that cured boredom and took them out of themselves, and they knew well enough what a blessing it was to be taken out of themselves. The readers were unanimous. The press was unanimous.

Gail Wynand went against the current."

Who is going against the current now? The webloggers.

Posted at 20:03

Marc Canter: "We didn't call

Marc Canter: "We didn't call it the floppy disk business in the 80s, so why did we call it the CD ROM business in the early 90s, and the Web in the late 90s?" It's the content, not the conduit!

Posted at 17:59

October 17, 2001

Irrawaddy News (based in Thailand,

Irrawaddy News (based in Thailand, covering Burma and Southeast Asia): "Yet CNN has not mentioned the death of 200,000 Iraqis and other 'collateral damage' inflicted on Iraq during and since the Gulf War." [via Doc.]

Posted at 10:51

Doc Searls: "'We're fighting evil,'

Doc Searls: "'We're fighting evil,' George W. Bush said the other day. Well, so were the guys who flew planes into buildings on September 11."

Posted at 10:29

October 14, 2001

I never imagined I could

I never imagined I could be busier after graduating than I was during the school year, but I've managed it somehow. The weeks are flying by... Last Friday Beth and I saw the Gov't Mule show in Columbus, then hung with my family for the weekend in Marietta. Now I'm at Duke visiting Chuck, and in a bit we're headed to Wilmington, NC to visit Kristin. She doesn't know we're coming... ;)

Posted at 08:51

October 10, 2001

Driving home from the Post

Driving home from the Post Office a few minutes ago, I saw a bumper sticker on a pickup that read "A man with a gun is a citizen. A man without a gun is a subject." It's the first thing I've seen around town that remotely resembles Time Magazine's portrayal of Marietta, since the publication of the article...

Posted at 13:55

October 9, 2001

My car turned 190,000 miles

My car turned 190,000 miles today, on my way to my SCUBA class... Still going strong!

Posted at 23:31

Dave: "Mac developers meet Unix

Dave: "Mac developers meet Unix developers... That sparks the kind of love that Microsoft never will gather around itself. They're simply unlovable. Not to be trusted."

Posted at 12:30

October 4, 2001

Happy Birthday to Ceth, Duzak

Happy Birthday to Ceth, Duzak and Katie.

Posted at 22:07

October 1, 2001

Toasty is back online. Sources

Toasty is back online. Sources have informed me that this man is the culprit... So Chandler, have at it.

Posted at 14:37