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November 30, 2001


deerHmm, must be deer season... Welcome to south-eastern Ohio!

Posted at 11:09

November 21, 2001

Harry Potter

Dad and I saw Harry Potter last night; it was most excellent. Almost exactly how I imagined the HP world to be. My only complaints? It moved too quickly, which is what happens when you cram a book into a movie. And I envisioned a fatter Dudley!

Posted at 09:35

November 20, 2001


scuba at vortex springCertified!

We got back late last night from our Scuba diving certification trip to the Florida panhandle. After driving all night Friday we arrived at Morrison Springs on a crisp Saturday morning. The 68°F springwater was a tad chilly, but our wetsuits kept us warm enough. Since I was still "pre-certification," I couldn't take my camera with me on the dives, alas. But I did take a few pictures at the spring.

We completed our certification dives by 10am Sunday at Vortex Spring, a few miles away from Morrison. Then the fun began! All of the pictures are online here, including a schweet movie (3 megs) I shot in the talk box at 20 feet down. The highlight of the dive was definitely the "imminent death warning sign" at 55 feet, marking the entrance to the Vortex cave system.

Scuba diving is a blast, but I've lots to learn. Achieving neutral buoyancy was quite difficult, and I'd usually either float to the surface or sink to the bottom and stir up a bunch of muck. This certainly complicates underwater photography!

I'm logging my dives with some excellent PalmOS software, and next I'd like to figure out how to semi-automatically export the results to my new Scuba page. :)

Posted at 17:46

November 16, 2001

off to Florida

We're off in a few hours for Ponce de Leon, Florida, where our scuba class is doing certification dives. We're diving Morrison Springs on Saturday, and Vortex Springs on Sunday. If all goes well, I'll be a certified diver by noon Sunday, and I'll have the rest of the day to play!

Posted at 14:45

November 15, 2001

interview with Warren Haynes

Interview with Warren Haynes, lead guitarist and singer of Gov't Mule: "We're a jam band if Cream and Hendrix and Led Zeppelin were jam bands... I'm just a big fan of songwriting. That might be a big surprise to people who say, 'Then why do you take 10 minute guitar solos?' Well, I'm a fan of that, too! So is Neil Young. You like what you like."

[on Voyager Magazine, via Matt B.]

Posted at 19:56

funny scuba quote

In studying for my scuba exam, I came across a marvelous tidbit describing the effects of nitrogen narcosis on divers: "Different people are affected in different ways, but below 100 feet most divers will experience some of the symptoms. These can include a feeling of inebriation, sudden anxiety, or overwhelming well-being. An apocryphal example of 'narked' behavior is taking your regulator out of your mouth and offering it to a passing fish."

Narked? Now *that* would be something to capture on film!

Posted at 08:59

November 14, 2001

xbox in sydney

Sydney Morning Herald: "The fluorescent green crosses, with 'TM' trademark logos, have cropped up on footpaths all over Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane over the past fortnight, promoting Microsoft's new games system, Xbox."

"'Ratepayers and residents have already paid millions of dollars for new granite paving ... it's not there for commercial exploitation,' said the council's spokesman, Craig Middleton." [via Dave]

Way to go, Sydney City Council!

Posted at 10:30

November 13, 2001

scuba exam

My SCUBA exam is in 90 minutes, and I'm cramming. All this talk of the bends (decompression sickness) makes me want to hear some Radiohead...

Posted at 16:58

November 12, 2001


Hilarious: ObL & Windows XP. [via Dave]

Posted at 18:18


A few days ago I got an "out of the blue" email from my old friend Jonas in Denmark, one of the Danish students we met on our field study trip there in October, 1999. At my urging, he promptly started a kickass weblog, complete with his own musical content, haiku and pictures! Not only is he a Mac user, but he has some great travel stories online from his trip to Australia back in 1996.

Posted at 13:34

November 10, 2001

cast off the yoke!

An excellent article by Christopher Thell of the USC Daily Trojan: "God resides with no man or woman with no country or coalition with neither Osama bin Laden nor George W. Bush with neither the United States nor Afghanistan... The time has come for humanity to be accountable only for itself for each of us to be fully present in this life and to never be so cruel as to pass off personal responsibility for our actions on an invisible God." [via Cam]

Posted at 09:45 | Comments (1)

November 9, 2001

in DC

Dad and I are in Washington DC for the weekend, visiting The Beetlehead (picture soon) and a few other folks. It turns out that Ann is in town too, so we'll probably get together with her for dinner tomorrow.

Posted at 23:20

attack on Islam

Independent: "Infinitely more shameful - and unethical - were the disgraceful words of Walter Isaacson, the chairman of CNN, to his staff. Showing the misery of Afghanistan ran the risk of promoting enemy propaganda, he said. 'It seems perverse to focus too much on the casualties or hardship in Afghanistan ... we must talk about how the Taliban are using civilian shields and how the Taliban have harboured the terrorists responsible for killing close up to 5,000 innocent people.'" [via Fares]

Posted at 06:23 | Comments (1)

November 7, 2001

meteor in Iraq

"Scientists have found the first evidence that a devastating meteor impact in the Middle East might have triggered the mysterious collapse of civilisations more than 4,000 years ago." read more... [via /.]

Posted at 19:21

Al-Ahram quote

Al-Ahram Weekly, reporting from Cairo: "It would be heartening to think this international activism had something to do with the carnage Israel has inflicted on Palestinians over the last two weeks. In fact, it had more to do with the carnage now being inflicted on Afghanistan and the need to shore up Arab and Islamic "support" for it. [via Fares]

Posted at 08:20

November 6, 2001

Elph underwater case

Santa Claus came a bit early this year to Marietta, OH, in the guise of a big brown truck. What did he bring? A Canon WP-DC100 waterproof case for my s300 Digital Elph:

waterproof elph case
[image courtesy]

I played around with it a bit tonight at SCUBA class, but it was tough to get a still shot. It was our last "pool exercise" class, where we had to various tasks with blackened masks, or without masks, snorkels or fins. Thus, most of my shots came out blurry. Regardless, I'll put it through its paces the weekend after next in Vortex Springs, and it'll definitely come in handy when we're diving the reef in January. ;)

Posted at 23:22 | Comments (1)

Doc on Strange Days

This is why I dig Doc Searls: "Believe me, there is no better Halloween music than 'Horse Latitudes' segue-ing into 'Moonlight Drive...' Both pieces are spooky and beautiful, like Morrison himself. Not that we cared back then, really. We were just trying to get in a mood for breaking into the old house." (read more...)

Posted at 17:02

November 4, 2001

cleaning the kitchen

Do any of you live with people who somehow aren't _capable_ of cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen? If so, this is for you. [via Katie.]

Posted at 17:59

November 3, 2001


I just talked to Erin Sullivan on the phone, who's working for Macy's in New York City; she's going to be in the parade on Thanksgiving, holding one of the balloons.

Posted at 11:52

November 2, 2001

iPod in the flesh

While in Columbus this afternoon, Dad and I stopped by the Easton Apple Store to see an iPod in the flesh. As if I weren't sold on it already, I sure am now. The scroll wheel is ingenious- you can't rotate the thing too quickly or too slowly; it's perfect. The backlight is a nice, soft white, not the usual bright blue. They weren't going to have a copy of iTunes 2 until tomorrow, so we couldn't see the hotsync feature live. Still, I'm satisfied.

Posted at 22:26

November 1, 2001

fellowship of the ring

The Fellowship of the Ring, in theatres December 19th, is going to be incredible. This is why. [via /..]

Posted at 14:44

badass hiker

This guy seriously rocks- he hiked the Appalachian, Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trails (7371 miles) in 10 months. He ate, among other things, three Snickers bars a day for 300 days. [via Cam.]

Posted at 11:36