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March 30, 2003

Al-Jazeera via Satellite

Ben Hammersley has a satellite feed of Al-Jazeera at his house, fascinating.

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Alexis Trépanier

Get a load of this guy's resumé... [via Ben]

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Zen and the Art of Bugfixing

Here's a fascinating article by David Sifry: Zen and the Art of Bugfixing

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"Bowling" Criticism

Via Critical Section, here's some good criticism of "Bowling for Columbine."

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March 29, 2003


Via BoingBoing, here's the Iraq-O-Meter. Be sure to read the About page.

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Wired News: I.B.C.

Wired News on the Iraq Body Count web site: "There's no inherent political message in the data," Sloboda said. "You read what you want into it, depending on your political perspective."

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March 28, 2003

More War Profiteering!

Ben Hammersley: "Ok, so now I've heard it all. According to The Register, Congressman Darrell Issa (R., San Diego) is attempting to get Donald Rumsfeld to ensure that the Iraqi mobile phone network is rebuilt with CDMA gear, rather than the GSM stuff that the rest of the region, indeed the world (apart from most of the US, Japan and Korea) uses. Why? Because GSM is French.

(Except that it isn't, it's only the name. Issa's an idiot: read the article.)"

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R.E.M.- The Final Straw

There's another beautiful anti-war-flavored song out, this time from R.E.M.: "The Final Straw."

Also, Protest Records: "WWW.PROTEST-RECORDS.COM exists for musicians, poets and artists to express LOVE + LIBERTY in the face of greed, sexism, racism, hate-crime and war. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. All songs and designs on this site are free to share, not to sell." [via Doc]

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Video Interview with Michael Moore

Via my sister, here's an excellent post-Oscar video interview with Michael Moore (you'll need WMP to view it). It's the first time I've gotten to hear him do question & answer, he's brilliant, so honest, so truthful! Even if you don't agree with his politics it's still worth watching, as you'll see that his message is entirely universal.

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Howard Dean at Harvard

Scripting News: "Presidential candidate Howard Dean gave a talk at Harvard last night. He asked an interesting question. Next year, how will we feel when China invades Taiwan because they think they have weapons of mass destruction? Has the new Bush Doctrine, pre-emptive wars, unleashed a philosophy of world power that we may not be so comfortable with?"

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March 27, 2003

Yay Capitalism!

The war profiteering continues. Yay capitalism! And you gotta love Perl's nickname...

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Mellencamp recently released a great new song (2 MB mp3 file), of the anti-war flavor. Aside from its lyrics and message, I dig the acoustic instrumentals as well. Sorta reminds me of Steve Earle, with elements of folk and bluegrass. [via Curry]

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Warmongers and Peaceniks: A Generic Conversation

Bill Davidson: "A Warmonger Explains War to a Peacenik." Here's a snippet:

Peacenik: But North Korea actually has large amounts of usable chemical, biological, AND nuclear weapons, AND long range missiles that can reach the west coast AND it has expelled nuclear weapons inspectors, AND threatened to turn America into a sea of fire.

Warmonger: That's a diplomatic issue.
[via AaronSw]

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March 26, 2003


SpamRadio! [via Curry]

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JPB from Brazil

John Perry Barlow: "I know that the only truly powerful country on the planet is continuing to manufacture the perilous, conscience-stunting myth that technology can make war relatively safe. Indeed, we are so delusional on this subject that we believe that bombing the shit out of the Iraqis is a humanitarian act."

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Matt H. Lets The Oscars Have It

Matt Haughey: "The Oscars have historically been an amazing display of self-congratulatory nonsense, but I knew this year, in the midst of a war and global strife, they'd be especially pointless and nonsensical."

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March 25, 2003

Blogging from Baghdad

Just in case any of you haven't seen this yet, here's a guy supposedly blogging from Baghdad. Discussion surrounding the validity of his blog is here and here.

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Tony's in Fiordland

Tony's New Zealand travelblog is really rocking, check out his latest post from tramping the Milford Track. Beautiful photos from Fiordland, I remember it vividly!

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It's Critical

Daring Fireball: "In critical thinking, separating cause from effect is, well, critical."

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March 24, 2003


Sheesh, these guys in Utah sure make me proud to be an Uhmerican... Long live freedom of speech! [via Dave]

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March 22, 2003

OnFocus: "Big media opinion polls don't just reflect the beliefs of large numbers of people, they reflect the effectiveness of the media at persuading large numbers of people into believing the favored view."

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Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Bumper sticker: "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" [via jwz]

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From Dee Hock

Dee Hock, founder of Visa: "Today, nation states and elected politicians are more creatures of corporations than corporations are creatures of nation states. Unfortunately, while it was democracy and liberty corporations needed to reach their present dominance, in the main, their governance is the antithesis of democratic, free and just."

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AIDS in Zimbabwe

Via Kottke's remaindered links, here's a photo slideshow titled, "HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe." It's 3.6 MB and is in Quicktime format.

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Marketing Genius

Matt Haughey nails it here, I've been thinking similarly ever since Dubya swung his Sauronic war gaze in Iraq's direction. When I left the US in 1/2002 with a one-way ticket to New Zealand via Europe and Southeast Asia, the "War on Terrorism" was in full swing and party line was that our forces were hunting down the 9/11 perpetrators in their secret caves of evil in Afghanistan. Knowing full well that a "War on Terrorism" was essentially a subjective, open license for violent enforcement of US foreign policy worldwide, I selfishly stopped paying serious attention to US news in order to have a more positive travel experience. But as Tony is experiencing right now, when other people discover you're a Yank, the talk inevitably and unfortunately turns to current events. That's when I would apologize to them for the technical difficulties we're having back home and promise to do my part in the next presidential election...

Now fast forward to the present, my 14 months of travel have ended, the madness in the US is full-on and I'm meekly participating, and Dubya & co. have finally gotten their war on. Umm, 'scuse me, what ever happened to the "War on Terrorism?" Evidently there's something like 70% approval by the US public of this nonsensical aggression in Iraq? That's just tragic, "Kudos to the Bush Administration" indeed... :(

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March 21, 2003

She awakens...

It appears that Louise of Clan Treehouse New Zealand has awakened from her BlogSlumber... She's even posted a few pictures from WOMAD, which looks like wicked fun.

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There's a great quiz over on Chuck's blog for contemplation...

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Hyatt gets personal

Dave Hyatt: "Most people are proud if they can recite the 50 states in alphabetical order; I can do the same thing, but with CSS properties." (CSS link added for more context...)

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March 20, 2003

Sieburg is on it

Email from Mike (sandals) today:

Subject: The liberation of Iraq has begun...

"I'm sure these 3 people feel liberated now: young girl, teenage girl, young man."

He continues on his blog, check it.

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Bowling for Columbine x5

I took my Aunt to "Bowling for Columbine" tonight, I think it was my fifth time going. It's such a hard-hitting, awesome doco... I'm curious, how many of you have seen it yet? Your thoughts?

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March 19, 2003

Vigil for Peace

candlelight vigilThis Vigil for Peace interactive map is amazing, be sure to click around once it has loaded in your browser. My pictures from the event are here, it was very moving. The list said 22 people were registered for our location, our count around the circle revealed 104. Aside from Ann and Mel, I didn't know anyone else there, nor did I need to. We were all there for the same reason- promoting peace.

Obviously, the global consciousness is raising to a new level, with this many people waging peace around the world. What a wondrous time to be alive and contribute positively!

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March 18, 2003

Da Shiznit

Via Raz, "Some Funny Shiznit:" parts 1, 2 and 3.

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World of Ends

World of Ends is brilliant. If you'd like to understand the Internet better, do read it.

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The new System of a Down video ROCKS; it was directed by Michael Moore. Watch it here (download link), be sure to have the RealOne Player installed first, and be on a fast connection.

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From an email forward: Things You Don't See Everyday.

And from the same email, a, umm... joke:

A journalist asks an American official, "What proof do you have that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction?" The American replies, "We kept the receipts."
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March 17, 2003

Networks demand War Now!

This sums it up rather well. Here's the rest of Oliver's blog. [via Doc]

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NYTimes on Burma

Via Sieburg, a New York Times article on Burma.

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Fast Company on Google

Fast Company: "How Google Grows...and Grows...and Grows" [via Dave]

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Open Discourse

My friend John Cannava has started a new web site for political discussion, OpenDiscourse. In his words, "I hope that through this site we will all be able to reach a greater understanding of the issues, and the opinions of those with whom we disagree. With this as the premise, I hope to work towards the goal and responsibility that we have to being an educated and thoughtful electorate."

So go and talk about politics there, k?

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March 16, 2003

The Google Dance Explained

Via the Google Weblog, here's the Google Dance explained.

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Russian Dressing?

Via Matt H., Freedom Fries and fun with Photoshop.

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Interview with God

This Interview with God (click "view presentation") has some excellent universal messages, as well as stunning photographs. Fortunately you can turn off the music if you're not in that kind of mood. [via Sue]

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Global Vigil

Global Vigil for PeaceWe'll be at the one in Ladera/Portola Valley, pictures to follow.

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Sieburg's Vietnam pictures

Under 300 emails to go, just came across a 12/2002 message from Sieburg with a link to his Vietnam pictures. Check 'em out.

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March 15, 2003

Email answering...

Betsey took off this morning, and pictures from our adventures are online, listed to the right. Now I can answer emails, 471 to be exact. And get a job.

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War pictures from the desert

Here are some excellent photos of the war preparations going on in the Middle East. Fascinating stuff. [via InstaPundit]

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Canadian apology

This Canadian apology to the USA is hilarious. (it's a streaming video, make sure you have RealOne Player installed) [via BoingBoing]

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March 12, 2003

The Pope in Baghdad

BoingBoing: "Anti-war activists beseech Pope to become 'ultimate human shield'"

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The Onion

The Onion, News in Brief: "Bush Orders Iraq To Disarm Before Start Of War"

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March 11, 2003

Lunch at Google

My friend Betsey is visiting for a week-long spring break from Ithaca; we spent yesterday wandering around downtown San Francisco, and had a heavenly dinner last night with Katie Barnett at Greens. I went with the specials for the night, Green Papaya Salad & Red Curry, and it was *almost* like being back in Bangkok... ;)

So Katie invited us to lunch today at Google, an offer we couldn't turn down, especially after seeing the menu. Evidently it was gourmet day in the kitchen. After lunch she gave us a tour for Betsey's benefit, as I got to see it back in November. While on a *cough* detour in one of the snack rooms, I was fortunate enough to meet Jason Shellen, one of the Blogger guys recently gobbled up by Google. Far out!

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Hyper-concern with aesthetics

Brent Simmons: "Hyper-concern with aesthetics is the mark of a good Mac user."

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BlogChildren galore!

Woah, two more BlogChildren to report, both of them also Kiwis! They're the dynamic Treehouse duo, siblings Louise and Rhys. Here are some pics from when I was there in 10/2002: Rhys sporting the White Zombie-wear, and Louise getting her free haircut. You get what you pay for, Louise.

Now, go register thyselves at BlogTree!

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A new BlogSon!

I have a new BlogSon! Mike "The Kiwi Professa" Norris, owner of the infamous iBlack, has finally started a weblog. Narcissistic decline indeed!

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Cam's back

My sentiments exactly. Cam just spent the past three weeks offline and disconnected in Siberia, much as I was in Burma. It was a wonderful experience, and he sums it up rather well.

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March 9, 2003

I'm 2Cool 2B Real

I'm almost speechless:

Some explanatory text from StevenF: "Staggered by the realization that more and more teenagers, especially girls, are adopting a vegetarian diet, an alarmed National Cattlemen's Beef Association launches a web site called "Cool 2B Real". It currently features a poll "What type of beef do you most like to eat with your friends?", a chat room, and a selection of handy snack recipes, each featuring delicious, juicy beef!"

Three words: Fast Food Nation.

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McDonald's ad

Telegraph: "McDonald's has been criticised by an advertising watchdog after it found that the succulent burgers in the fast-food chain's commercials bore little relation to the real thing." [via Adam]

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March 1, 2003

Back home...

Hey all, I'm back home in California, safe and sound after 2 months in southeast Asia. Picture total: 658. Email total (junk and otherwise): 2400+. Further, UPS just dropped off a new toy today, so my proverbial plate will be full for the next wee while. Thus, blog updates may be sparse... But you're all used to that by now, I'd hope! In case you're itching to read more travel commentary, check out Tony's blog; he just arrived in New Zealand a few days ago and will be there for a few months.

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