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"May all beings be happy."
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September 28, 2003

Spiritual Hacking

Just got an email from SteveJ, which included this gem: I was going to mention that Adrian Lamo gave an interview and I thought you might find his spirituality interesting. It reads like a quantum mechanics-infused american buddhism.

It certainly does:

Are you mentally preparing yourself for a possible prison sentence?
Faith manages.

That's your favorite saying. What does it mean?
It means that nothing we do is wasted and that in the universe that we inhabit, it's a closed system under the laws of physics in which energy is never destroyed and everything that we do is redistributed and recycled to the place it should be.

I don't think it's my place to question these things. They may be unpleasant, but I've had good times, and now I'm having bad times, and I intend to see them through.

How long do you think these bad times are going to last?
Really as long as I continue to see them as being bad times. My time in the custody of the federal marshals could have been a bad time. When you go in there, the people in that small holding cell with you, it really does look like people out of a bad prison movie. But the reality was that just giving them a chance to be real human beings, they all warmed up conversationally. They were all being very supportive. They shared their advice and their experience and their troubles and what brought them there. We shook hands as best we could through our shackles on the way out.

Read on...

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