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November 15, 2003


Danny O'Brien: "There's a bit of me that does feel guilty. While I manage to fend off pop-up windows with Mozilla, and spam with Spamassassin, most people don't know about those programs. They live in the "hinternet", that shanty-town of X10 pop-ups and porn adware, and endless, endless Hotmail and Yahoo spam. They're tourists in the world of the Net, and like any tourist, they rarely get a good guide. They're just taken down the back streets by disreputable but flashy showmen, and robbed for everything they're worth. And it's true, we don't do as much as we should for them, because we're okay in our little burbclaves... I could give friends and family a recommendation to fight the tons of crap entering their inboxes, instead of just shrug and say "Well, err, I don't have that problem anymore. Sorry!"

[via Mark]

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