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October 30, 2003

He's Got My Vote

I saw Howard Dean speak today. He gets it, and I'm not surprised why.

Literally the first thing he mentioned was how weblogs have been fundamental to evolving his platform and campaign since their beginning. Then he talked about MeetUp and how it enables 131,000 Dean supporters (3x as many as the next largest one) to coordinate campaign efforts. Later he plugged biodiesel and explained how it's not just some "Vermont birkenstock fad," but one of the primary ways by which we can wean ourselves off foreign oil.

Nelson was there too, here's his take. And my blurry photos.

Via Steven Berlin Johnson, it looks like they've got a new campaign slogan: "Because Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport." Brilliant, imho.

Kick some ass, guys. Maybe I'll join you soon.

Posted at 21:40
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